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The flavoured Vodka Company “NISSKOSHER” was established in 1990 in Bielsko-Biala. NISSKOSHER is a manufacturer and distributor of several kinds of exquisite clear and flavoured vodkas, which are recognized on the domestic and international market.

The original recipes used in our company originate from areas where the art of composing diverse liqueurs in the homes of Polish noblemen has intertwined with the skills of Jewish distillers who immigrated to Poland from many parts of Europe.

All of our products are made using the best spirits and specially filtered spring water, herb and fruit liqueurs and natural aromas, faithfully in-keeping with tradition. Most of our production consists of dry vodkas such as Nisskosher, Trojka and Travka.

Thanks to a very careful selection of ingredients, our flavoured vodkas are also worth mentioning - Dziegielowka, Piolunowka, Traditional Miodonka , Gorzka Orzechowa Vodka and Watra. Various types of tinctures, which combine alcohol with the medicinal effects of herb and fruit extracts, are also included in our offer.

With their unique flavours, they are an excellent addition to any social meeting and are preferred not only by women. With many years of manufacturing tradition, NISSKOSHER tries to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding consumers of alcoholic beverages. In 1998, we started manufacturing so-called designer vodkas. They are limited series of exclusive beverages, manufactured according to the recipes and requirements of the client and sold only in the client’s restaurants and stores. Our efforts to maintain the highest quality and innovativeness of products have been appreciated:

DZIEGIELOWKA - Gold medal at the International Fair POLAGRA 96 in Poznan

WATRA-HIGHLANDER TEA - awarded by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Economy in 1996.

Since Poland’s entrance into the EU, we have been trying to meet the demands of the European market. We have taken steps allowing us to control the quality of products at every stage of production - from the cereal grains to the finished product.

By selecting the appropriate manufacturer of grain spirits and using the most modern technologies, vodkas sold under our brand maintain the highest quality, which is guaranteed by our Company.

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